Yellowfin Tuna vs Yellowtail The Most Important Differentialities

Both fish sport similar bright yellow coloring on their anal, dorsal and tail fins this is where confusion arises.

Let's take a look at the major distinctions between the yellowfin and yellowtail tunas to help you differentiate between them.

The scientific name for seriola lalandi is the name of the Yellowtail. On the contrary, the yellowfin tuna is scientifically named Thunnus albacares.Classification

A medium-sized fish that has an extremely long, fusiform body that grows to around 30-inches in size.

Yellowfin tuna is one of the tuna species with the greatest number of species, with a weight of up to u

The dorsal part of the tuna is blue with a silvery white color along its flanks as well as the belly. Yellowfin tuna has the dark blue back as well as yellow sides,

Yellowtails are accustomed to a diet which includes squids, herrings, garfish, sardines and anchovies.

However, yellowfin tunas mostly eat crustaceans, squids, as well as mollusks.D