What's Happening At The Bottom of Jacobs Well

If you stare into this seemingly unending hole it is possible that you would feel a sense of terror for your life from the horrors beneath.

However, it doesn't prevent people from jumping into the cave system. What is it that makes this cave system so dangerous and what's beneath the surface of Jacob's Well?

Jacob's Well is a karstic spring that originates from Cypress Creek in Wimberley, Texas.

It is a mouth that measures 12 feet full of water that falls 30 feet, before flowing at an angle of

Twelve people have been killed trying to swim or dive in Jacob's Well. People from all over the country flock to this renowned swimming hole to meet the challenge of a compatriot

Catfish, crayfish and eels perch, and blind salamanders reside in the depths of Jacob's Well. In the vicinity to the source, you can see turtles, aquatic insects and crustaceans.

It is blind. Texas salamander is a unique creature that has adapted to living in water that is underground, similar to caves.

It's white, doesn't see, and has internal gills that are red and gills, which are red.

Jacob's Well is one of the longest caves under water in Texas. The depth of the whole cave can be found at 140ft.

The cave's water temperature is an almost constant temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenh.