Visit these places to make the most of your vacation


This is a picturesque valley located in Kashmir, which is also known as the Golden Plain, here beautiful views of nature are seen.

Thajiwas Glacier

This is a beautiful place where the natural beauty fascinates the mind, it is a good place for trekking.

Manasbal Lake

This beautiful lake is surrounded by lush green mountains from all sides, the pleasant atmosphere here attracts people towards itself.

Gangbal Lake

This charming lake whose water is more clear than glass and the beautiful scenery here fascinates people.

Kheer Bhavani Temple

This is a holy place dedicated to Mata Raganya Devi, a huge crowd gathers here to have a glimpse of the holy spring.

Shaalbaf Palace

This is a historical place which was built during the time of Maharaja Pratap Singh, whose other name is Dar-ul-Salaam.

Wular Lake

It is a picturesque lake which is the largest freshwater lake in Asia. This place is considered a paradise for fishermen.


It is a beautiful village from where wonderful views of nature are seen.

Naranag Temple

It is a historical place where there is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The lush green environment here fascinates the mind.

Ganderbal City

It is a beautiful city known for its culture and pleasant atmosphere.