Unveiling the Enchantment of Odisha: Top Reasons to Visit

Richness in Culture and Crafts

Explore the rich cultural diversity and stunning handicrafts of Orissa. Give your local communities a helping hand by going shopping.

Tribes in Orissa

Discover the 62 tribes that comprise 24% of the population of Orissa. Discover remote communities that are keeping their own customs Explore India's various facets.

Heritage Properties of Orissa

Heritage sites such as Gajlaxmi Palace and Killa Aul allow you to travel back in time.

Heritage Properties of Orissa

Enjoy gracious royal treatment, give back to the community, and discover the grace of Orissa's past.

Temples and Other Monuments

Explore the City of Temples in Bhubaneswar. See the Sun Temple in Konark, an architectural wonder, and the majesty of Jagannath Temple.

Temples and Other Monuments

Discover the Buddhist ruins in the Diamond Triangle.


Visit the sanctuaries of Orissa to see elephants, migrating birds, and saltwater crocodiles. Take in the sights and sounds of Satkosia Tiger Reserve.

Short Travel Distances

Savor the brief travel times between interesting locations. Along the trip, stop at historic temples, craft villages, and the Dhauli Stupa.


The flavors of Orissa are unparalleled. Savor an exquisite culinary adventure, ranging from Chhena Poda to Prawn Curries.

Off the Beaten Path

Discover Orissa—still a hidden treasure. Explore remote animal reserves and historic sites free of tourists.

Off the Beaten Path

Discover experiences fit for a star with the charm of the Orissa Tourism Board.