Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Deadline Splash suffers major setbacks with Indefinite Injury

Toronto Maple Leafs had it running smoothly before the NHL team experienced a devastating setback in the month leading up to their Stanley Cup Playoffs.

 Leafs center, who was acquired by the team in February, has sustained an injury that could endanger the goals of the Leafs.

Read the article to learn more about the NHL player's injury and returning to the skating rink.

What did happen to Leafs the deadline purchase?

The Maple Leaf's center Ryan O'Reilly was hit by Austin Matthews, shot in the hand in the 2nd period of the game against Canucks on Saturday.

Big shot acquisition placed on LTIR

Toronto Maple Leafs has put Reilly on injured for a long time reserve(LTIR) which is for a minimum of 10 games and 24 days.

When do you expect Reilly be back on his ice?

According to Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe, Ryan returned and could return prior to the Stanley Cup playoffs, which is almost four weeks.

Maple Leafs' coach's reaction to the player who is injured

Given what the severity of his injury it is unlikely that he will miss a lot of time skating and on the ice and so on," said Keefe as Reilly is recuperating following the injury.