Tilda Swinton Is Done With COVID-19 Protocols On Films Sets

Tilda Swinton has recently announced that she has stopped wearing masks.

The announcement was made during her keynote address during her keynote address at the SXSW Film festival.

"I've had COVID so many times, and I'm so full of antibodies, and I have faith," she said of the actress's decision to not wear masks.

She also said that it is "very nice" to see crowds of people gathered in a room, unmasked.

The actress was diagnosed with the virus in August 2021.

In an interview, she revealed that she could not get out of mattress for 3 weeks.

Swindon said that the disease affected her brain, which made her forgetful about certain things.

She's scheduled to be a part of the cast as a character in "Asteroid City" and "The Killer..

Both films are expected to be released in the coming year "Asteroid City" debuting in June, and "The Killer" in November.