Tessa Thompson Says She's Never Ever Had A Hamburger in Her Lifetime

Tessa Thompson revealed she had never eaten hamburgers throughout her life.

I also eat other things and have never eaten hamburger," she said at the Vanity Fair 2023 Oscar party.

The actress also revealed that she'd only recently had eggs for breakfast.

She reprised her part in the third episode in the series "Creed."

The actress in an interview mentioned her as well as her co-star Michael B. Jordan went to therapy for the couple.

This was done in order to help them prepare for their respective parts in the role of Bianca in the film and Adonis Creed.

In an interview with a different source, she spoke about Jordan's debut as a director in "Creed III."

She also shared that she gained a lot from his management.

She also said that his role as a director allowed her to verify certain quality characteristics about him.