Take a look at a desperate Tiger Challenge an Adult Elephant

Tigers are powerful, large cats who have no trouble in destroying huge prey. This doesn't mean they're able to kill anything however, and this video shows it.

The video shows what the videographer referred to as the desperate tiger, crouching along the side of the road.

The creature gazes out into an open field that is wooded and notices two adult elephants as well as one calf.

The calf could be the one to be targeted in the situation. But an adult elephant isn't going to let its calf go.

The question is: what's the reason why this tiger would want to get at a protected target?

Tigers don't eat that frequently, so it might have been some time since the tiger last eaten. It could be that

The tiger is desperate and is still advancing towards the elephants watching the tiny calf.

If the tiger is less than 100 feet away from its intended target, one the adult elephants will s

The elephant is preparing to charge, yelling to the tigers. The Tiger unleashes a roar and turns its back, realizing that it won't stand any chance against these overwhelming odds.

The tiger is enticed for a short time. It then turns its back to the elephants, remaining at a low level and continuing to pursue the huge gray animals.