Sports World Reacts To No 1 seed Purdue's shocking loss

This is the 2nd time that within NCAA Tournament history a No. 16 seed has defeated the No. 1 seed.

Five years later, No. 16 UMBC stunned the world with its victory over No. 1 Virginia, No. 16

Fairleigh Dickinson pulled off yet another unexpected surprise.

This time, it was the No. 1, Purdue in the middle of the history.

Fairleigh Dickinson started the game with 19-13 before the Boilermakers were able to find their feet.

After a tense first half the Knights were able to take a 32-31 lead at the half.

The second half featured some distinct runs, including a 10-0 run by Purdue in an advantage of 47-41.

But the Knights finished the game with an 11-11 run to finish the game with a win.