Some stunning pictures of Siddharth and Kiara after tying the knot

Everyone knows that these two Bollywood stars have just tied up in a new marriage.

After getting married in Jaisalmer, he left for his Delhi home.

Actually Siddharth was born in Delhi and here his family and all his relatives and his friends also live here.

This is the first step of Kiara Advani in her in-laws house where she is being kept very proud.

Kiara Advani wore a pink lehenga at her wedding but when she went to her in-laws house, she wore a red dress.

Although Kiara is very beautiful but Kiara was looking very beautiful in this red dress.

While going to her in-laws house, she was wearing everything that a bride wears after her marriage, like bangles in her hand, vermilion in her neck, mangalsutra etc.

Siddharth and Kiara were seen in each other's color after marriage, both were wearing clothes of the same color.

Siddharth Malhotra wore a red kurta with white pajama and a newly designed shawl over the kurta.

After reaching Delhi, Siddharth and Kiara took blessings from the people they met and also greeted people by distributing sweets to them.