Some places to spend your beautiful time in Chikhaldara


This place is no less than a paradise for the people. This beautiful waterfall is surrounded by forests from all sides.

Melghat Tiger Reserve

This is a beautiful place, situated near Chikhaldara, here different types of animals and birds are seen.

Gavilgarh Fort

This is a historical fort from where panoramic views of nature are seen, it is a beautiful place for trekking.

Semadoh Lake

It is a beautiful lake which is completely drenched in lush green environment where people get to see different types of birds.

Muktagiri Jain Temple

This place is a pilgrimage place for the people of Jainism, which is situated on a hill, people get a lot of relief by coming here.

Narnala Fort

This place is very famous for its history, panoramic views are seen from here.

Narnala Wildlife Sanctuary

This place is very good for those who love nature, many types of creatures are seen here.

Shakkar lake

This lake is known for its peaceful environment, here one can enjoy the beautiful views of nature while taking a boat ride.

Pandit Nehru Botanical Garden

It is a beautiful garden where many types of flora and fauna are found.

Janjatiy Museum

At this place one gets to know about the culture and traditions of this place.