Shakira is making one final attempt to get under her family's ex-partner's skin.

The famous singer screamed in her "BZRP Music Sessions #53" collaboration from her Barcelona home, after it debuted in November.

She also had an Halloween-themed witch's hat in her terrace.

The witch was looking at the next-door house which is Gerard Pique's parent's home.

Shakira was openly making a statement to her ex-law partners and, more specifically, her mother-in-law's ex.

The incident was reported to have upset Montserrat Bernabeu, Pique's mother and was believed to have demanded for the removal of her son's ring.

On March 9, Shakira whipped out the witch doll again and held the witch's hands specifically pointed at Pique's parents' home.

Then there's the fact that Shakira went to New York City with her two kids, Sasha and Milan, after she put up the witch!

She's truly sticking up for her ex-law partners.

Shakira plans to move out of Barcelona in the 1st of April.