Rachel Bilson Dropped A Bomb About Her First Orgasm

Rachel Bilson recently revealed a amazing secret about her sex life.

In a recent episode on her show, that her very first experience of orgasm from sex occurred at the age of 38.

The actress spoke to Whitney Cummings, who described the "perfect mix" which eventually resulted in her gasps.

Bilson often speaks about her sexual life, stating her childhood allowed her to talk about it.

The actress has recently raised reports that she's with Zac La Roc following a night when they were seen on a date.

In an interview with "Call Her Dad," Bilson confirmed that she's currently involved in an affair.

The actress was romantically associated with Bill Hader, Nick Viall and Adam Brody.

Bilson was also was engaged in a relationship with Hayden Christensen after dating on and off for a few years.

She and Christensen are now co-parenting the daughter of their marriage, Briar Rose, and recently, they took Briar Rose to Canada for the holidays.