"Priyanka Chopra Says She 'Cried' Because Isn't 'Sample-Sized'"

"Priyanka Chopra recalled being body-shamed."

Chopra said that a specific person told her that she wasn't "sample-sized."

She acknowledged that it was hurtful being continuously being criticized.

The actress revealed that an executive in the industry advised her to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to boost her career.

She told the event with an bigwigs of the industry being "stunned and small."

Chopra struggled with self-esteem after a failing nose surgery.

In her memoir, she wrote that she was bullied due to her skin tone.

"Baywatch" actress has revealed that she regrets advertising for skin lightening

"Baywatch" actress revealed that she was disappointed that she promoted skin-lightening products in commercials.

Chopra apologized for her involvement with brands that lighten skin.