Must visit these places for sightseeing

Kelwa Beach

It is a beach with a serene atmosphere where people can enjoy the clear water and beautiful surroundings.

Shirgaon Fort

It is beautiful and historical where ancient architecture is very famous.

Satpati Beach

This is a famous beach which is very famous among the people, people like the atmosphere here very much.

Mahim Beach

It is a mesmerizing beach where one gets to experience the panoramic views of nature and a serene environment.

boardee beach

It is a picturesque beach which is very famous for its black sand and casuarina trees.

Tansa Lake

This is a beautiful lake which is man-made and from here beautiful views of nature are seen.

Arnala Beach

It is a huge beautiful fort which is completely surrounded by the Arabian Sea.

Vajreshwari Hot Springs

It is a hot water spring created by nature, which has many medicinal properties.

Dahanu Beach

This beach attracts the attention of people due to its calm atmosphere and cleanliness.

Tarapur Atomic Power Station

This nuclear power station is the first commercial nuclear power station in India.