Lavender is it a perennial or annual plant? Lets find out

Lavender is an extremely loved shrub with a soothing scent.

 Humans have used this delightful herb for thousands of generations to serve as decorative garden plants as well as for food and medicinal purposes.

Let's look closer at the flower to find out whether it is an annual or perennial and the best way to cultivate it.

Lavender is a perennial woody subshrub. This plant's scientific name is called Lavendula. it's actually a part of the Lamiaceae mint family! What is Lavender?

Lavender is widely used in medicine essential oils, cooking as well as as an fragrant garden plant.

This plant is known for its long tradition along with humans.Why is lavender a beneficial plant?

The color lavender is named in honor of English lavender flowers.Is Lavender A Plant or A Color?

Lavender is a perennial flower which comes back each year with flowers and new growth during the summer.Is lavender a perennial plant or an annual?