Lance Reddick The Wire and John Wick star dies at 60

Lance Reddick, a character actor who specialized in ferocious cold, sinister and perhaps even dangerous authority figures on TV and in film

This includes "The Wire"," "Fringe" as well as"John Wick," which includes "The Wire," "Fringe" and "John Wick" franchise has passed away. He was 60.

Reddick passed away "suddenly" early on Friday morning the publicist for his Mia Hansen said in a statement, announcing that his death was due on natural cause.

There were no further details provided.

Wendell Pierce, Reddick's co-star on "The Wire" was honored on Twitter. "A man of immense power and grace," the actor wrote.

"As an accomplished musician as actor. The embodiment of the highest class." "John Wick -- Chapter Four" director Chad Stahelski,

and actor Keanu Reeves have said they will dedicate the film's release and star Keanu Reeves

said they dedicate the film to Reddick and said they were "deeply sorrowful and devastated by this loss."

Reddick was often dressed in a suit or elegant uniform throughout his time in the game, and was known for being tall, elegant and elegant men with distinction.

He is most well-known for his character as straight-laced Lt. Cedric Daniels on the popular HBO show.

"The Wire" in which his character was caught in the tangled political machinations within The Baltimore the police force.