Kashmir is a very popular summer getaway in India

appropriately described as rightly described as a "paradise on earth" by a well-known poet.

Even during summer, Kashmir has a cooler temperature due to the Himalayas.

Ornate apple orchards, apricot orchards with abundant pine forests and serene lakes enhance the splendor of Kashmir.

As the capital of summer of the state of Srinagar, Srinagar is known for its houseboats that are moored on Dal Lake.

Houseboats in Dal Lake are built from wood and are beautifully ornamented by intricately carved carvings.

In addition, it provides a mix of modern and traditional facilities, and is fitted with highly personalized services.

Also, you can enjoy stunning panorama of the mountains, lake and the stunning night from the decks of the luxury houseboat, while sipping Kashmiri Kahwa.