"Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun at Will Smith During Oscars Monologue"

The moment Jimmy came back to the Oscars for the third time, he was armed with numerous Will material to use in his monologue.

He mentioned Will's awarding of an award to the Best Actor during his monologue.

The speaker said that the attendees should not react if anything 'unpredictable or violent' took place at the time of the celebration.

The biggest prize of the night was "Everything Everywhere at Once.'

The winners included Best Director Best Actress as well as the award for Best Actor in Support.

Will not be attending this year's Oscars after a decade-long exclusion from the awards ceremony for a decade.

He decided to go to the Jay Shetty Los Angeles show with his wife.

Other celebrities who attended the event include Dax Shepard Kristen Bell, and Lily Collins.

His replacement was Halle Berry who presented the Best Actor and Best Actress awards.