It's the Unseen Struggle Princess Dianas Battle with an eating disorder

What caused a broken marriage to trigger the eating disorder Princess Diana's

How Princess Diana's bulimia brought destruction for her family British Royal Family

The Netflix series The Crown and Kristen Stewart's Spencer were not afraid of depicting Princess Diana's battle with bulimia .

In her biographical autobiography, published in 1992 Diana The Story of Diana: her True Story,

she shared shocking details about the eating disorders she suffered from.

She admitted that loneliness in the face of low self-esteem and an unhappy marriage to the royal family caused her to consume a lot of food and spit it out regularly.

She admitted that her weight dropped and she fainted at public appearances, but did not receive any support from her family.

Her candid confessions helped reduce stigma around eating disorders and set an the example of seeking treatment for mental health issues.

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