How Many Active Volcanoes Are on Earth and Where Are They

Volcanologists do not have a rulebook to define the term "active" active volcano. Volcanoes may last for one month to millions of years.

Volcanoes are thought to be extremely active due to their duration of an extended period of time, however they're not as active as compared to our lives.

Let's see the active volcanoes in the area and from where they are located.

there are approximately 1350 volcanoes operating around the world. Around 500 of these volcanoes have been active in recorded history.How many of them are in the area?

The average is 50-70 volcanoes that are active every year. 1. Mount Vesuvius, Italy 2. Krakatoa, Indonesia 3. Mount St. HelenDangerous active volcanoes

Volcanoes explode with a devastating mixture of toxic gasses, ash along with lava, rock, and.

Explosions from volcanoes have killed numerous lives.Effects on Volcanic Eruptions.

There are more than 1,000 active volcanoes across the globe.

But, the fluctuates when some volcanoes cease to be active while others change to become active.Conclusio