Fuel Your Morning: 7 Protein-Packed Breakfast Ideas with Dal

Nutrients and protein can be found in abundance in lentils.Here are some mouthwatering dal recipes that are high in protein for you to try.


A satisfying way to start the day is with a high-protein breakfast like this moonglet, also known as'moong dal omelette'.


In addition to moong dal, the moonglet has nutritious ingredients including onion, tomatoes, and capsicum.

Dal Chutney

This chutney is amazing since it is produced with a mixture of multiple dals, such as chana, urad, moong dhuli, and arhar. This chutney goes well with any kind of food.


Dhokla is regarded as one of the healthiest Indian snack foods. Dhokla is low in calories because it isn't deep-fried.


It is created using the fermented batter, perfectly steamed, and garnished with tadka for an added pop of flavor!

Dal Shorba

Dal shorba, a tasty soup cooked with dal, is a mainstay of any traditional North Indian meal. Shorba is usually very filling.


This well-known Andhra Pradesh dosa is delicious beyond measure. It is made with moong dal and is filling and healthful.

Dal Paratha

This scrumptious and high-protein paratha is served with moong dal.

Dal Paratha

When combined with a bowl of curd, it can be consumed as a morning dish. This is a tasty and simple meal to prepare.

Sprouts Idli

We've given this recipe for sprouts idli a unique twist by using sprouts instead of the conventional urad dal idli batter.