Everything Everywhere All At Once’ wins 7 Oscars

All Everywhere Everything At Once" The film was a major hit at the 2023 Oscars which won seven Oscars.

All Everywhere at Once" was awarded greater Oscar nominations than just about any other film this year. It received a whopping 11 nominations:

Best Picture Best Director Best Director, Best Actress Best Original Screenplay Best Supporting Actorand two nominations for Best Supporting Actress the Best Costume,

best Editing of Film Best Score, and the Best Song.

"Everything Everywhere at Once" became a legend as the first science-fiction film to ever be awarded Best Picture.

Everywhere Everywhere In One Place At Once" was also the very first film to be awarded Best Picture,

Best Director, Most Outstanding Original Screenplay, as well as three acting awards.

Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis won the Oscar for the best acting and actress for a support part. Michelle Yeoh took home best actress.

Two other films have been able to win 3 actors' Oscars: "A Streetcar Named Desire" (1951) and "Network" (1976).

The most recent Best Picture winner that won more than four awards at the Oscars was "The Artist" in 2011

The other one during this time that won more than four awards was "The Hurt Locker" (2009)

The film is starring Michelle Yeoh -- who was awarded Best Actress

as an Chinese immigrants who is taken into other universes to save the universe and also connects to the different existences she may have lived.