Europe's Four Major Rivers are drying up at The Most Inconvenient Time

The most important rivers on the continent that supply water for both drinking and farming and also waterways that are essential for shipping freight are running out of water.

Four of the most important rivers in Europe as well as several of their tributaries are dry in some places and, in other places, are extremely low.

It is the second-longest waterway in Europe. It's over 1,700 miles. It is more than 1,700 miles long.

Danube River starts at the junction of two rivers that are smaller located in Southwestern Germany - The Brigach A

The Rhine River starts in Switzerland in the town of Grabunden. It is then a part of the North Sea in the Atlantic Ocean. The length in 765 miles.The Rhine River

The Loire is one of the rivers that flows through France which is known for its gorgeous castles built by the French in the shores.

It is an important source of tourism within this area.The Loire River

It is the longest of the rivers in Italy. It begins at the Southwestern Alps in an area known as"the Cottian Alps.

The river runs for more than 400 miles in length. It begins as a spring within The Val Po and