Discover 6 kinds of Monkeys in Florida

Central as well as South Florida's subtropical and tropical environments are to a large extent similar to climates from Central as well as South America, Africa, and Asia.

There are a variety of types of monkeys that live In Florida come from these continents.

People brought them into the state for research or for pets. Let's learn more about these animals!

Rhesus macaques are among the most common monkey species found in Florida. They can be found throughout Florida all the way from Everglades and The Florida Keys.1. Rhesus Macaques

Capuchin monkeys are another kind of monkeys that reside in Florida. They are not native to Florida, but came into the country by way of humans in some point.2. Capuchin Monkeys

The small- and medium-sized mammals weigh in between 7.5 to 17.6 pounds(male as well as female). They are recognized by their long tails, blue scrotum.3. Vervet Monkeys

Squirrels are small and are native of Central as well as South America. Their natural habitat comprises swamps, rainforests and mangroves.4. Common Squirrel Monkeys