Bubba Wallace Insider Defends NASCAR's "Low-Hanging Fruit" Despite Heavy Scrutiny From Kevin Harvick Fans

The last time around, NASCAR got a lot of criticism from people who watched the races and from some insiders regarding how they were displaying the caution flag at races.

However, for those who have been complaining about NASCAR for putting up caution flags in the two previous events,

 Freddie Kraft, the spotter of Bubba Wallace, has some remarks to make.

Kraft isn't happy with complaints from fans

The driver is swaying and spinning around the track and blowing tires out, which is an indication of caution. He gets away and scatters debris across the track on over.

 It's not race-altering however, it's also an avertance. And we've been complaining about it this week. (Aric) Almirola was a caution.

 I'm sure there's some low-hanging fruits in the world of NASCAR and we're trying to report it whenever we spot it, however, the last two weeks did not pose any issue.

Kraft hopes NASCAR remains steady

"It's smaller of a sample evidently, but in the previous two weeks were the first time they saw a person sideways on the track, sliding with smoke emanating from his tire,

they were quick to put out the caution. It was not a matter of waiting to see what would happen."

Not an entertainment flag

There's no need to worry about the plot that day, it's no entertainment flag, it's an alert flag Kraft emphasized.

"This man is spinning around the track throwing s**t all over the place throw at the green."