"Blac Chyna Gets Breast Reduction"

"Blac Chyna is changing herself to improve her image... and in multiple ways."

Ex-girlfriend Rob Kardashian revealed she's gotten numerous procedures done to her body in order to take her to "next stage."

She posted a variety of videos on Instagram on 13 March, in which she admitted that she's gaining weight and her breasts have gotten smaller.

"As you're all aware I'm making a change in my life and my habits therefore...

among the many things that I believe will bring my career to the next stage is getting some of theseshot shots," she said.

BC continued to explain the differences between BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and A** shot.

"I would like all ladies to be aware that you should not receive silicone shots since it is possible to become sick, get sick, develop complications, and all the other stuff."

Blac Chyna has admitted that she began getting silicone injections in her derriere at the age of 19 years old.

She believes that the removal of this s**t from her body will allow her develop.

In a different video BC says that she's on her 5th and final time to get treatment for her breasts.