"Abby Lee Miller Weighs In on Todd Chrisley's Behind the Bars!"

"Abby Lee Miller has spoken on behalf of Todd as well as Julie Chrisley's jail sentence."

The disgraced reality television stars are serving a sentence of nearly 19 years in prison for tax fraud and bank evasion.

"Dance Moms" star revealed that "Dance Moms" actress revealed that she'd been in contact with Todd several times on Twitter prior to the sentencing,

but Todd did not respond to her messages.

However, when he did finally answer her emails, Miller admits she found something "odd" about him.

"I often DM him on a regular basis and he would never respond. He never responded," she told

"Then suddenly, at once I receive this huge long email that reads I didn't realize you could receive messages.

 I didn't even look at the DMs. I was not even aware of what it was about. I'm sorry that I never replied to you. '"

She said that she was "always talking about financial institutions, people who were pursuing him and his local government was always talking about it and that was odd to me."

Todd as well as Julie are indicted in the case of an Georgia grand jury back in the year 2019.

When the whole thing began to simmer and then spread, Miller thought to herself, "something is up because If the government is looking into you, you're not aware of that."