Shillong Teer Result|Shillong Teer Best Result 21-01-2022

khasi hills-archery-sports-federation meghalaya lotteries department has released shillong teer result for 21-01-2022. shillong teer result check here. teer

The Shillong TEER Lottery is a popular sport in shillong Meghalaya. The result of this lottery is determined by the number of arrows. There are a total of 2 rounds in the popular Khasi Hills Archery game.

A total of 50 arrows play this game shillong teer result. Maximum 30 arrows in the first round of the game and 20 arrows in the second round. A shooting period should be completed within 2 minutes. During the game, Archer has 2 minutes to execute a kick.

Those who bought tickets for the shillong teer game can check out the lucky numbers for the first and second rounds on this site. Every day, some lucky people win this reward money.

Shillong Teer Result today – Overview:

Shillong TEER is a lottery approved by the Meghalaya State Government and organized by khasi hills-archery-sports-federation. they are providing the shillong teer result daily. A total of 12 archery clubs are participating in this game. SHILLONG TEER Meghalaya is a legal game under the entertainment and betting tax laws of meghalaya state.

shillong teer result

Shillong Teer Result Lottery list today:

If you want to win the Shillong TEER Lottery, you have to buy their tickets, which cost from 1 rupee to 100 rupees. In the Shillong TEER lottery, the winner is determined by the number of arrows. Participants who can guess the exact number of darts thrown in the first and second rounds will win this game.

Teer shillong Result Timing:

Shillong TEER is played 6 days a week. This is Shillong TEER, which is only played Monday through Saturday. Shillong does not play for TEER on Sunday. The results of the Shillong Teer Lottery results will be announced on weekdays at 04:00 pm and 05:00 pm.

The archery game session is play at Polo Field in Shillong daily from monday to saturday. Shillong Arrow has more than 5000 tickets in 11 districts of Meghalaya. Ticket sales start every day (Monday to Saturday) at 10:00 am. shillong teer result list today get here for free.

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