China Boeing 737 plane crash breaking news

In a serious incident the China Eastern Boeing 737 passenger plane was reported to have crashed into the mountains of Tengxian, Guangxi on Monday according to Chinese media reports.

China Boeing 737 plane crash

In a serious incident in a major crash, a China Eastern Boeing 737 passenger plane is believed to have crashed in the mountains of Tengxian, Guangxi on Monday according to Chinese media. The report said that 132 people be aboard and no injuries are reported at this time. The fire was reported and the rescue team is underway. There were 132 on board passangers, which included 9 crew members, according to the China’s Civil Aviation Administration

The flight took off across Kunming through Guanghzou, China and reportedly struck the mountain of Tengxian, Guangxi. The B-1791 plane was a model 737-89P that was a Boeing aircraft. The aircraft was six years old, as reported by Aeronews.

According to images from the site of the crash, part of the Chinese flight with its name was seen in the wreckage. A massive fire is visible rising from the plane crash site.

Chinese plane crashes with 132 passengers 

The China Eastern flight from Kunming to Guangzhou departs around 1:11 p.m. (0511 GMT), FlightRadar24 data showed. The flight’s tracking ended around 2.22 p.m. (0622 GMT) at an elevation of 3225 feet and a the velocity of 376 knots. It was supposed to arrive in the afternoon at around 3:05 p.m. (0705 GMT).

As per Aviation Safety Network, China’s last fatal jet crash was in the year 2010, when 44 of the 96 who were aboard died in the crash of the Embraer E-190 regional jet flown by Henan Airlines crashed on approach to Yichun airport at night with poor visibility.

The twin-engine one-aisle Boeing 737 is one of the most sought-after planes in the world for medium and short-haul flights. China Eastern operates multiple versions of this aircraft including the 737-800, as well as the 737 Max. Its 737 Max version was grounded around the world following two fatal accidents. China’s aviation regulator approved the plane to be re-opened at the end of last year which makes China the first major market to have done so. China Eastern can be described as one of the three main air airlines.

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